Carry on Dad! For a Father’s Day gift that knocks socks off socks

It’s that time of year again, when dads all over the country are recognised for their efforts with socks, personalised mugs and…well…..that’s about it! Read on to find out why a sling or carrier could be the most useful and thoughtful gift for the dad of a newborn baby, toddler or even a soon-to-be dad.

Dad carrying a young baby in a ring sling. The baby is asleep

A sling can help to reduce crying

1. Carrying using a sling or carrier is an amazing way for a dad to bond and connect with their child. Keeping your little one close helps you to communicate with them, and for them to feel loved and secure. It can also help to reduce crying, and increase sleep. What’s not to like about that?

2. Carrying your child is a practical way to get out and about, and enjoy lots of
activities as a family. No more having to haul around a heavy pram or pushchair, no having to wait for lifts, or getting stuck in the mud at a festival. Wherever you can go, your child can come too.

Newborn baby being carried in a stretchy wrap by a dad, with mum looking on.

3. Slings and carriers can be shared amongst other grown ups – there is no need for a separate carrier for mum and dad, the vast majority will adjust for all heights and body shapes so you can spread the carrying on a day out.


Man looking in to the distance. He is carrying baby in a Marsupi baby cariier, she has ear protectors on

A day out with the new addition

4. You can be hands free to get on with the activities that you enjoy!

Want to know more? Get in touch to arrange a one to one  consultation, or have a browse in our shop. Carrying Connects will help you to find a sling or carrier that you love, and to carry your child confidently, comfortably and above all safely.


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