Terms and Conditions – Online courses and Memberships


‘t ‘t un subscribe! In thiThese Terms and Conditions apply to any online courses or memberships offered by Carrying Connects unless otherwise stated.

For any queries regarding this, please email ruth@carryingconnects.com 

Please see the privacy policy for details relating to how your personal information is used.

1. All courses and memberships will be based on the Membervault platform. To access this you will need an electronic device connected to the internet eg smartphone, tablet or PC. If you have any technical issues in accessing the membership site please email ruth@carryingconnects.com. While Carrying Connects aims to keep the information online , we are subject to the provision of the services of Membervault.

For those purchasing courses, the course will remain online and available for a minimum of 12 months after purchase. After this time, whould a course be discountinuted, you will be given at least 30 days notice by email.

The primary method of communication for information on your course is email. Please ensure you look in your spam fiolder for your log on email and add ruth@carryingconnects.com to your safe sender list. Also please don ‘t unsubscribe!



2. Access to the information on this course is for you and your immediate family only eg you and your partner. It is not to be shared with anyone else. Any sharing of resources will be considering in breach of these terms and access will be deleted without warning.

3. The safety of you and your child is paramount – it remains your responsability. Nothing in this course constitutes medical advice – if you have health concerns please consultat your GP, midwife or health visitor.

4. Carrying Connects Membership – ongoing support for members of this group is provided in the Carrying Connects Membership Facebook group. Please note that fit checks, sling recommendation requests and general queries should go in this group – it’s a great way for others to learn. For more complex queries, one to one support may be required – this may be at additional cost.

There will be regular live Q&As in the group – the aim is for these to be help on a monthly basis, however they may be moved or cancelled for reasons such as illness.

Please note that membership of the Facebook group is subject to the group rules and Facebook’s own rules. Any breaches will result in removal from the group without warning.