Marsupi – the quickest and easiest carrier for your baby?

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The Marsupi is a hidden gem in the world of slings, wraps and carriers. If you are looking for a quick, light, simple option that is easy to use, read on to find out more!

It’s Quick!


The unique thing about the Marsupi is that the only fastening on it is hook and loop, or as it’s more commonly known… Velcro! This makes is very quick to use, there are no buckles or knots to fasten, or fabric to wrap. I wouldn’t advise wearing it near fluffy knitwear, and it can be slightly noisy to unfasten, but it is more than worth these tiny issues for speed! The quickness can make it ideal for babies that may need to be put in to a sling, or indeed taken out, in a hurry. It is a great favourite with the parents of babies with reflux for this very reason.

It’s light and soft!


The standard Marsupi is 100% organic cotton and weights in at 300g. The Breeze variation, which is 60% linen and 40% cotton weighs in at just 200g. This makes the Marsupi breathable, perfect for summer babies, wearing in a warmer environment, or if you just don’t want anything bulky. The Marsupi comes with a bag, and it is compact making it ideal for popping in a changing bag or under pushchair.


The fabric is very soft, making it comfortable for baby and wearer alike. There are no buckles or knots to dig in, and it suits people of all different builds.  


It’s simple  and easy to use!

The Marsupi is ideally suited from newborn, and most families use it until their little one is around 6-9 months although it is weight tested up to 15kg. It can be used for a front,  facing in carry, and a hip carry. It doesn’t have bells and whistles and comes in simple block colours. This makes it a practical choice for all the family. In my experience it can work particularly well for people who may have limited dexterity or who have struggled with other carriers. Or perhaps you are still slightly nervous handling your precious newborn. Most babies will be able to feed in the Maruspi, whether this is breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

And it’s machine washable and dries quickly… just make sure that you close all the hook and look fastenings!


Dad and newborn baby, baby is in a blue soft easy to use sling, the Marsupi

How to chose a Marsupi


The Marsupi does come in different sizes, so check the chart before you buy. If in doubt, please do contact me and I can advise. Then it’s just down to what colour you want!


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Ruth Grint Babywearing Consultant

I’m Ruth, a qualified Babywearing Consultant based on the Wirral. I love helping families like yours find a sling that they love, and to carry their child comfortaby, confidently and above all safely.


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