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Hi, I’m Ruth, the face behind Carrying Connects.


A babywearing expert (and fellow parent) who can help you to carry comfortably, confidently and safely! Whether your are wanting the best baby carrier, sling or wrap for your newborn, toddler or pre-schooler, or you have questions about how to make sure that you baby is safe in a sling, I can help and advise you.

I’m a qualified, insured and experienced Babywearing Consultant based on the Wirral – that’s the sticky out bit between North Wales and Liverpool. I have the bits of paper to say I know what I’m doing, plus tried and tested babywearing techniques learned while bringing up my sons.

But you don’t want to know about that. You want to know how I can help you; how my experience can help you and your family as you navigate the parenting journey.


Babywearing for Beginners

Carry your baby confidently, comfortably and safely in a sling, wrap or carrier you love

As a new parent, I found the idea of choosing, and using a sling, overwhelming. There were so many different choices, and so much conflicting information – all I knew was that I wanted to hold my baby upright, and close to me.

The Babywearing for Beginners online courses transform you from babywearing novice to confident carrier!

As a babywearing expert, I have helped hundreds of families, just like yours, to carry their child confidently, comfortably and safely in a sling, wrap or carrier they love.

All of my expertise is now conveniently available in online courses, for you to enjoy at a time and pace that suits you.



Using a sling, wrap or carrier with the new baby is something that many families want to do. There are just so many benefits for you, and for your baby. It’s an amazing part of your parenting toolkit!

But where do you start? There are just so many different sling options, at different budgets – how do you know what will suit you? Will it be safe and comfortable for you and your baby?

This is where the Carrying Connects Membership comes in.

⭐ You get access to Babywearing for Beginners – a comprehensive online course full of step-by-step videos and written info – all in bit size chunks so you don’t get overwhelmed. Here for you at a time and pace to suit you.

⭐ Membership of an exclusive Carrying Connects Membership Facebook group – for fit checks, sling advice and monthly live Q&A session

⭐ Mini-masterclasses on topics like feeding in a sling, and carrying your older baby.