About Me

Hi, I’m Ruth, the face behind Carrying Connects.

A babywearing expert (and fellow parent) who can help you to carry comfortably, confidently and safely! Whether your are wanting the best baby carrier, sling or wrap for your newborn, toddler or pre-schooler, or you have questions about how to make sure that you baby is safe in a sling, I can help and advise you.

I’m a qualified, insured and experienced Babywearing Consultant based on the Wirral – that’s the sticky out bit between North Wales and Liverpool. I have the bits of paper to say I know what I’m doing, plus tried and tested babywearing techniques learned while bringing up my sons.

But you don’t want to know about that. You want to know how I can help you. How my experience can help you and your family as you navigate the parenting journey.

Or read on to find out how my parenting journey has brought me here.

Parenting can be a tricky journey… and I’m there with you!

Have you ever looked at another parent and thought, they’ve got it sorted?

A pregnant woman  who glows, has everything organised and has yet to experienced the joy of reflux or varicose veins? Who seems bonded to her child even before they are born?

The parent of a newborn whose baby is imaculately dressed, doesn’t need holding all the time, who has breasfeeding sussed and everyone has had plenty of sleep.

That is not me! And just to let you know, those people that you think have it sorted, chances are they are just like you. Finding the parenthood journey far from easy. 

Carrying your child, from newborn to toddlerhood and beyond, can make an amazing impact on that journey. I can personally testify to that!

From pregnancy depression to milk-covered motherhood

My much-wanted pregnancy was not straight forward. As well as gestational diabetes and severe reflux, my mental health was impacted. Depression stopped me from even thinking about my new baby, let alone bonding with him.

As I held my baby for the first time, three days after his birth, things changed. Holding him close, smelling his hair, listening to the breathing and little grunts, feeling his little wriggles against me. That is when the bonding and healing started.

Reflux seemed to be a family affair… little one brought up so much milk I spent my life covered with a muslin! The only way to reduce the puking and distress was to keep him upright, and close. He didn’t like to be put down, and wanted to be held all the time. And so I discovered slings.

Using a sling to hold my newborn, to keep him close, to be responsive to his needs, and yet to have my hands free? Amazing. To be able to get out and about without the pram, with him cosily and safely snuggled next to me,  practically perfect in every way. Seeing him being rocked in a carrier by his dad, and seeing their lovely bond develop… priceless. 

All from a “piece of cloth”. Something that other people had told me was a “waste of money”.

And slings are not just for newborn babies. Through older babyhood and in to toddlerhood, our carrying journey has changed and evolved. He now likes to hop on my back, and alternates with lots and lots of walking. But those cuddles when he is “up”… still amazing!


I love helping families to find a sling that they love, and to carry comfortably, confidently above all safely. Find out how by clicking below, or just drop me a message

Read more about my journey, plus helpful articles, in my blog posts.

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