Why should I consider booking a babywearing Consultation?

You may have come across this website while researching slings. Perhaps someone has suggested that you have a consultation with a Babywearing Consultant. So why might you consider a babywearing consultation with me? I am a Wirral-based sling expert. I love helping families to find a sling that they love, and to carry their child comfortably, confidently and above all safely.

You would like someone to visit you in your own home.

As a parent myself I realise that getting of the house at times is very difficult. This may be in the later stages of pregnancy or when you have a newborn to look after. Perhaps you are unable to drive following a Caesarean Section, and the thought of public transport is just too overwhelming. I am a  fully trained and insured consultant, and will bring to your door a selection of slings and carriers to meet the needs of you and your child.

If you prefer, there is also the option to visit me in my home consultation room. I am also able to visit you elsewhere, such as in hospital if you or your little one has an extended stay. Not local to me here on the Wirral? I can also provide help by telephone or skype.

You have more complex needs in connection with your babywearing.

Perhaps you are expecting twins that you would like to carry at the same time. Perhaps you or your baby has existing medical issues that will have an impact on your carrying journey. I will be will be able to tailor the session to ensure that your needs are met.

You want to learn at a time convenient to you.

This may be while you are expecting, in the very busy first months with a newborn, or further down the line when you may be back at work. I am able to offer daytime and evening consultation times and may also be able to arrange weekend consultations at a time that suits you. You may also want to learn with a partner or relative who will also be carrying your child.

You would like to have more time to investigate the different options.

A Consultation will last up to 90 minutes. This gives you plenty of time to find the sling that suits you and to practice using it with our demonstration dolls and your own child.

You would like to save time and money

If there are two things that all new parents know it’s that babies are a massive drain on both time and money! A 90 minutes session with me could save you hours of poring over reviews online, or visiting shops with a very limited range.

You can try before you buy from a wide range of options.  You will have the confidence to know that you are making a purchase that will suit you and your child. Hiring may tide you over until your baby is big enough for the next sling you want to try. Or it could be that you already have a sling or carrier that you are struggling with. A little bit of trouble shooting could be all that is needed !

All of my consultation clients are entitled to a discount on anything purchased in the Carrying Connects shop. For brands that I do not stock, I can refer you to other trusted retails with a referral discount.  If you would prefer to buy second hand we will guide you through how to do this.


You need support in your parenting journey


While I am not a parenting expert, I can remember what it was like in those early days! I am able to provide a listening ear, and if appropriate refer you on for support and information. This could be to Koala NW or the NCT for breastfeeding support, or childrens centres for baby and toddler groups. I may even be able to link you up with other families in the local area with your consent.

For more details please see our Consultations page or contact me.



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