Tula Mini Toy Carriers


Your child gets to be just like Mum and Dad with this Tula Toy Carrier, your little one can join in the family baby wearing journey; a great gift for children 18 months and older.

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Watch your child play pretend and dress-up in this adorable cloth carrier, just like mummy and daddy! Our children love being just like their biggest heroes and now they can carry their cuddly lovey or baby doll in a Tula Mini Toy Carrier that looks just like your own Tula Baby Carrier!

Share stories and memories from your early bonding time, or have your big kid be a part of the loving fun that you share with a newborn sibling. The Tula Mini Toy Carriers encourage play learning together with your toddler, in the importance of how to carry a new baby safely, opening up conversations and experience with your child on how to carefully hold and care for the newest addition to your family in a gentle, connected way.

An unusual gift idea if you’re shopping for big sister or brother gift, the Tula Mini Toy Carrier is recommended for use by children 18 months and older.

Baby carriers, wraps and slings can be a little confusing at first. Your new purchase will come with manufacturer instructions; you can find lots of info on my Blog pages or friendly Facebook Community.
Still feeling unsure? Get in touch with Ruth for further guidance.
A babywearing Mum and qualified expert – a sling consultant covering Wirral, West Cheshire, Merseyside, North Wales, and all over the UK via video consultations - here to offer guidance and support, so you and your little one can get out and see the world together safely, stylishly and super-duper comfortably.

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