Back Carrying in a Soft Structured Carrier V-book


An online video guide book to baby wearing with a back carry, soft structured carrier. Developed by Carrying Connects expert Ruth Grint; this V-Book will get you confident in carrying your child safely, and includes personal, follow-up support.

Are you new to the back carry position and unsure how to, or where to start?
Have you always wanted to use your existing baby carrier to carry your child on your back?
Do you want to be able to get your child safely on to your back without anyone else around to help you?
Struggling to know what to wear or how to carry your stuff, to free up your hands while still holding your little one close?

This new V-Book - from Ruth Grint of Wirral’s sling shop Carrying Connects - helps you through all these and more, in an easily accessible online format. This means all the informative videos you need are included, alongside bitesize chunks of written information, plus you can re-watch the tutorials as and when you need to, as many times as you like. No more scrabbling finding decent tutorials and how-to’s on YouTube!

A comprehensive guide packed full of advice for carrying your little one on your back, covering safety, positioning, and the vitally important bit, getting your little one placed up and back down on your own!

Back Carry Benefits, Facts and Advantages:
  • Give your child a different view of the world while out and about around town or on countryside walks.
  • A cooler carry, great for warmer weather and summer babywearing.
  • Easier and safer than piggy backs.
  • Comfortable position for heavier, larger and older children.
  • Safer option for certain activities where you need your hands free and your child close.
  • Adjusting carry positioning is naturally good for your baby’s developing spine, and your own back, hips and pelvis.
  • It's generally safe to begin wearing your baby in the back carry position when your baby shows strong neck and head control and can sit independently, which is usually around 6 months.

That’s not all, there’s even more value for you…
With this V-book you also get a 15 minute One to One Video Call with me, Ruth - a qualified and insured babywearing consultant - and a Mum who has been through the journey and understands where you are and what you may be feeling.
With knowledge and reassurance from an expert, any questions you may still have will be answered, to enable you to carry confidently, comfortably and above all safely. This alone is worth £10!

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**** Please note that this is an online product. You will receive the link to access your V-Book by email within 24 hours of purchase, although it’ll often be quicker****
This book is intended for adults and children who are injury free and in good health. If you have special requirements, I have other ways to help, please get in touch to discuss how.