How can I chose a sling or carrier for my newborn baby?

Choosing a sling or carrier can be a bit of minefield. I am going to explain a bit about why that can be and what things to take in to account when coming to a decision.

Factors that may influence your choice


Yes, having a baby is an expensive time – but the “best” sling does not need to be expensive. The most popular sling for a newborn baby, a stretchy wrap, comes in at about £40 new (for example the Lifft Stretchy wrap  or Joy & Joe   A Ring Sling which can be used for a newborn up to pre-schooler may come in at around £50 but gives you longevity. Soft structured carriers (often referred to as Buckles) range from about £75 to £200 brand new, according to how many bells and whistles you want. The main benefit of investing in the right sling for you is that you will use it. The cost per use can be incredibly low if it is used regularly. Quality brands will retain value for selling on once you have used them. Skimping on a sling that you then find uncomfortable and don’t use is not going to be good for your wallet in the long run.

Time of Year

If you are expecting a summer baby you may look towards breathable fabrics, airflow meshes, or simply slings that have less layers of fabric.

If you have other children

Some parents like to have a sling in which they are able to carry an older child instead of the younger one, should the need arise. Some slings and carriers have a wider age range than others.

If you have issues which will impact on your physical use of the sling

Perhaps you have residual carpal tunnel pain from pregnancy or arthritis which makes tying knots or clipping buckles difficult.  Options such as the Marsupi, which fastens using velcro, can be very handy!

What you like the look of

There is nothing wrong with that! Most of the carriers available in high street shops are black and grey, but there is a world of colour and pattern out there waiting to be explored! At a time when you choice of every day clothes may be limited, wearing a carrier with your child that is colourful can make you feel better!

What is comfortable for you both

As already mentioned, a comfortable sling or carrier is one that you will use regularly and really benefit from in the long run. There is simply no substitute for trying a number on, and finding the one that suits you best.

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